Lions Working with Honiton Town - Devon:

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Honiton Town Centre looking WestWorking Together, this enables the Honiton and District Lions clubHoniton Town Museum to come in to contact with people and businesses who would not normally have contact with the Lions.

It allows them to contact the Lions if they hear of a need or requirement from an area which the Lions would not know of, allowing the Lions to assist or help.

Many businesses' wish to help or give Honiton town entering from the Westto charitable causes, raising gifts and donations, the Honiton and District Lions Club is here to assist with people and equipment with their events.

If you need assistance with an event, please contact us, we may be able to help you.

Honiton and District Lions Club working together with

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Looking towards Exeter <Looking out towards Exeter 

looking down in to Honiton and Otter valley

overlooking Otter valley towards Honiton>